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Yuli's Story.

Yuli Ziv is a serial entrepreneur and the founder & CEO of Heallist, a software platform that empowers holistic practitioners to expand their practice.


With over a decade of experience as a tech entrepreneur, Yuli has a proven track record of disrupting industries and building successful businesses. In 2008 she created Style Coalition, an influencer marketing platform she led from the ground up through acquisition. Yuli's work at Style Coalition helped to shape the influencer marketing industry as we know it today, by giving voice to influencers at a time when many were not taken seriously as a profession. She also helped to develop best practices and ethical guidelines, ensuring that the industry remained transparent and accountable.


As a successful entrepreneur, Yuli experienced the stress and pressure that comes with starting and growing a business. She discovered the incredible benefits of alternative medicine practices, including yoga, energy healing, and meditation, as powerful tools to manage stress and improve her overall well-being.

After selling Style Coalition, Yuli turned her attention to the holistic healing space, drawing on her personal journey with health and wellness. Yuli's vision for Heallist is to create a network of like-minded practitioners who are passionate about holistic health and wellness. By providing a comprehensive practice management software and a wealth of educational resources, Heallist streamlines the access to alternative and complementary medicine providers, ultimately helping more people achieve optimal health and wellness.


Yuli is a visionary leader who’s experience in both wellness and influencer marketing has given her a unique perspective on the power of digital platforms to connect people and drive positive change. 

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